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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Top 10 Travel Takes for Kids

Kevin Teddy Bear and
Miss Janet’s Top 10 Travel
Take-Alongs for Kids

1. Cleansing towelettes in bulk, not individual wraps
2.  Cool Off towelettes for hot weather
3. Oversize, unisex tees that fit more than one family member to serve as garments, sleepwear, sun cover-up
4.  Extra  zip-top plastic bags in large sizes
5. Healthful, homemade trail mix in individual snack bags
6. Small, medium or large BPA-free water bottles for everyone. (Fill after going through TSA)
7.  Extra carabiners come in handy
8. Travel size duct tape for repairing everything from strollers and tents to ripped seams.
9. Packable all-weather hat for kids provide sun, wind, rain, cold protection
10. Safety tats are temporary child-find tattoos that can be changed often as your locations change.

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