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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Memories are Made of This

Make Sourdough a Family Tradition

   Start a family tradition with sourdough starter. It's a living, breathing food that creates breads, pancakes, biscuits and dozens of other treats. Best of all, it collects  friendly new spores from your family kitchen and becomes uniquely your own. Soon you'll be able to give starters to others and launch them on this wonderful tradition too. 
    With a sourdough starter kit you'll get sourdough plus instructions and recipes and you're on your way. Additional recipes including instructions for making your own starter are found at 

Best adventure yet for families. The Caribbean has history, nature, culture and BIG DISCOUNTS IN SUMMER. Book now for the best choice of dates, packages, islands.  

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Just in time for Father's Day. Get Dad a bright LED lantern that also repels mosquitoes. Great for camping, boating, patio barbecues, night fishing. 

Children's author Carole P. Roman has released another book in her colorful series, Captain No Beard. It's Stuck in the Doldrums, a Lesson in Sharing, that teaches kids the importance of being part of a crew. Little ones will want you to read it to them time and again while they pore over the fabulous color illustrations.

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