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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kevin Likes Florida Butterflies

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Kevin Learns About Butterflies
        I see butterflies where I live. Do you see butterflies where you live?

        Around the world there are thousands of colors and sizes of butterflies and many,  many places where you can see them in a shelter called a conservatory. Is there a butterfly conservatory in your state?

We like the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory in Key West, Florida and Butterfly World in in Fort Lauderdale.  I hope you can see them someday. 
In our travels Miss Janet and I learn a lot about butterflies.

    * Butterflies and moths belong to a family called Lepidoptera.  Can you say lep-a-DOP-tra?    
    * A butterfly starts out as an egg.  Eggs are laid on a leaf or stem that the larva can eat when it comes out of the egg.

    * When the egg hatches it is a caterpillar, also called the larva stage. It may be pretty or it may look like a yucky,  fat worm. It may also be very destructive to the garden. It’s a hungry new worm and it needs a lot of food. If it eats weeds, that’s good. If it eats your mother’s garden or your dad’s wool  sweater,  that’s not so good. The larva grows so fast it keeps shedding its skin and growing a new one.  It may get four new skins. 

    * Next the larva forms a hard shell where it will hide until it’s ready to be a butterfly. This is called the chrysalis (CRISS-a-liss)  or the pupa. It may stay inside this shell for weeks, months or even over the entire winter.

    * When the time comes for a butterfly to come out of its pupa, it flies away to find food and then it looks for a mate. During its short life it will find a husband or wife.  They will create more eggs to make more butterflies. 

       * In butterfly conservatories we see butterflies, eggs, larva and pupas.

    Miss Janet and I love butterflies. It is exciting to see them fly free in a conservatory. Love, Kevin

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